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Portable Escape Rooms

Our portable Escape Rooms make a perfect addition to your upcoming Birthday Parties, Team Building Events, Festivals, & More!

  • All Mobile Escape Rooms Utilize a 13 x 13 ft Tent (Flat or Canopy Top available)*

  • Built for Indoor and Outdoor Use*   

  • You may want to try our POD games as well!  

Immunity Quest


Your tribe has been stranded on a deserted island with limited resources for survival. Can you discover all of the forbidden secrets of the Island in order to survive? Use clues and solve puzzles in our family friendly escape experience to locate resources essential for your livelihood. But beware, not all things are as they seem on the island. Friends can become foes right under your nose. It is your job to find the God of Immunity!

Exit Protocol


Calling all agents! Your unit in one of the U.S. high level field offices has been compromised and is in extreme risk of enemy penetration. It is your responsibility to follow clues and solve puzzles to locate the highly confidential documents stored in the facility and secure them. You are charged with initiating the self destruct sequence which will neutralize all remaining intelligence and prevent it from reaching enemy hands. Can we trust you to get the job done, Special Agent?



The Ancient Egyptians were known for their mystical ways, opulence, and power. Upon the death of the Pharaoh, the corpse was enclosed inside a sarcophagus, with provisions for the afterlife. Your archeological quest is to find clues and solve puzzles in our family friendly escape experience to unlock the secrets of Pharaoh's tomb! Others have attempted this vigorous feat but vanished away in their attempts. Can you avoid the booby traps and escape the tomb with the hidden treasures uncovered? 

Black Beard


Legend has it that Blackbeard's treasure chest lies on the ocean floor of the Red Sea. His treasure is protected by a curse that prevents anyone from bringing it to the surface. Through a series of clues and puzzles, can you break the curse and recover the treasure? There's only one way to find out! Come aboard Buccaneers and see if you have what it takes in our family friendly escape experience. If you fail, you just might have to walk the plank! Sail, Ho!



Deep in the heart of the city, there lies a bank known for its impenetrable security systems & fortified vault. It is rumored to be the home of the legendary Gateway Diamond, a rare gem of unparalleled value that has eluded thieves for centuries.

You are part of a motley crew of skilled criminals, brought together by a mysterious figure known only as The Architect. Do you and your crew think you can crack the code with The Architect?

Coming Soon!

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