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our portable pod games are perfect for your banquets, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and much more!!

The concept is similar to an escape room, but instead of breaking out of a stationary room – you’re working with your team to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and reach an end goal. Your adventure will always include an intriguing story, clues, high quality props, puzzles to be solved and mysteries to be uncovered...

12 Days of Xmas



The perfect addition to all of your upcoming holiday events. An immersive team building game that will leave you wanting more! Featuring a full size sleigh and magical reindeer...

Can you help save Christmas?

Game for up to 5 teams (up to 4-6 players each)
Approx. 30 Minutes

Field Desk 2

Salvatore “Sly” Luciano has died. You have been specially selected and invited to the reading of his will. His famous beer recipe is up for grabs in his field desk in front of you. Are you clever enough to open the desk and claim the recipe for yourself?

Game set up
Field Desk

You are visiting the land of your ancestors. You’re having an exciting and relaxing time, until the great volcano of Tohua erupts. 8 wooden sacred statues of Tiki are the only salvation of the island. They are scattered amidst the chaos, leaving the Tiki God furious. The exploration ship Ice Tiki was responsible for returning them to their place, but the crews decided to lock them away instead, igniting rage within Tiki God. Tiki God has declared that if his statues aren’t returned, he will erupt the great volcano of Tohua to it’s entire capacity, destroying the entire island!

Through solving the clues and puzzles in front of you, your mission is to find the Tiki statues and return them to the Tiki God and save Tohua Island!

Tohua Island

(Pod Game for 10 - 80 players)
Approx. 60 Minutes



(Pod game up to 6-8 players)

Approx. 30 min game play


Welcome, brave explorers, to the enigmatic world of Jungali, a jungle teeming with untamed beauty and treacherous secrets. You have been chosen for an extraordinary mission that calls for your wits, courage, and unwavering determination.

Deep within the heart of Jungali, an eccentric adventurer and renowned humanitarian, Dr. Adam Do-Good, has vanished without a trace. It is believed that he has stumbled upon an ancient artifact with immense power, hidden within the very fabric of the jungle. But this artifact is not without its dangers.

Will you rise to the challenge and save Dr. Do-Good from the clutches of Jungali's mysterious game? The jungle awaits your arrival...

Coming Soon
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