Our Immersive Experiences make a perfect addition to your upcoming Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Team Building Parties, & More!

The concept is similar to an escape room, but instead of breaking out of a stationary room – you’re working with your team to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and reach an end goal. Your adventure will always include an intriguing story, clues, high quality props, puzzles to be solved and mysteries to be uncovered...

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Cold Feet
(Mobile Game for up to 120 Players)
90 Minutes


"It’s the big day, and two powerful families will have to bury the hatchet to get through the biggest wedding of the season. But a wedding without incident is considered by some to be unlucky, and with the sudden mysterious murder of the despicable Uncle Clarence, each family in attendance will race to find the culprit- and return the stolen wedding rings in time to save the day."

Cold Feet is an event game designed for a large number of guests in a social or party atmosphere. Using multiple modules, the gamemaster can customize the experience to the audience playing, as well as to the resources available to run the story, including solving puzzles, finding evidence, questioning suspects, and more!

Prohibition Portable Game
The Last Will & Testament

(Mobile Game for up to 4 teams (2-3 players each)
60 Minutes

Salvatore “Sly” Luciano died. You have been specially selected and invited to the reading of his will. His famous beer recipe is up for grabs in his field desk in front of you. Are you clever enough to open the desk and claim the recipe for yourself?


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Tohua Island

(Mobile Game for 4 - 40 players)
60 Minutes

Set in a Polynesian theme, “Tohua Island” is a fun, social, mobile team building game for all ages. It combines various elements to give it a tropical feel including: tikis, sea shells, wooden drums, navigation, and Polynesian culture. The goal of the game is to find and return the missing tikis to calm the god of weather, Tāwhirimātea, before the building storm ruins the day’s celebration!


(Mobile Game for up to 36 players)
60 Minutes



Welcome to the annual meet-up of the Time Explorer Association (TEA). We are so proud to have such wonderful attendees, and we hope during your stay tonight you will explore the wonders of the past with us in a friendly competition of time-traveling sleuths.

The Traveler is a team-based puzzle game designed for temporary set-up in an off-site location, such as a restaurant or party. Each team will receive a file of starting puzzles and a set of boxes, each locked shut. The goal of each team is to unlock all their boxes, each containing a ‘reward’, either symbolic or an actual take-home souvenir. In order to do so, a set of ‘time slices’, small dioramas of other time periods, are set up or placed around the room which teams can visit as needed.